This is the first page I've created using the Thrive Content Builder software. So far I've been impressed with the tutorials and demos and hope it works as easily as shown. If it doesn't work as well as I thought and is too difficult or disruptive then I'll be out $97 smackeroos.

​This is a pic of Denison, Iowas's favorite gal, Donna Belle Mullenger better known as Donna Reed. She is seen here in the character role of Mary Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life. What a great lady she was. Ms. Reed was an ardent supporter of the young people of my generation. She supported their choice not to fight 12,000 miles away in an undeclared war. She was outspoken against the government's involvement in Viet Nam. She was a contributor to Midwestern College and a mainstay of good works.text here...

This is me at the Candy Kitchen with Marcia Bailor. We are holding up a sign from the movie It's a Wonderful Life which slogan was adopted by the town of Denison, Iowa. Wow, look at me... I was 60 years old and at the top of my fucking game... thin as I would be for the next decade and in good shape too. I was on a bicycle tour of Iowa riding in RAGBRAI which is a ride sponsored by the Des Moines Register.